Quick Installation & Getting Started Tutorial

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1. configration steps

Base Currency

Navigate to Setup->Finance->Currencies – If your currency is not listed add your own currency. By default with the installation comes only EUR and USD currency.


Navigate to Setup->Settings->Localization to configure date format and language

Configure General Email

Setup SMTP Email by navigating to Setup->Settings->Email

2. Optional Setup & Information

  • Customize email templates by navigating to Setup->Email Templates
  • Setup user roles by navigating to Setup->Roles
  • Create tax rates by navigating to Setup->Finance->Tax Rates
  • Create offline payment modes by navigating to Setup->Finance->Payment Modes
  • Predefined sales items – You can add items by navigating to Sales->Items
  • Country-specific options
  • If you are gonna use the support system setup departments by navigating to Setup->Support->Departments
  • Additionally, you can take a look at all the option that Business24 CRM offer in Setup->Settings
  • Looking for a way to quickly create or access features? Read about Business24 CRM hotkeys 
  • More info about contact permissions can be found

Troubleshooting & Help